On Bullets …

    • In the world of consultancy, of bullets there should be three
    • Except in Europe: France and Germany, where there may be five or seven, you see
    • So all the rest of your good thoughts should cluster under, all MECE…

    With apologies to everybody everywhere

    So that was my first attempt to write a blog post on my Samsung Note 10.1 whilst mobile.

    What did I learn?

    1. Getting used to hand writing recognition on a non – Windows device takes a little while – still not yet really as good as Windows 7/8;
    2. WordPress for Android is not very good at handling anything but basic text – had to enter HTML tags just to have some bullets, ugh!
    3. WordPress for Windows phone is much prettier and even has a visual editor;
    4. Windows Live Writer is hard to beat and generally sets the benchmark- although I have not yet tried anything heavyweight;
    5. Zoundry Raven does not seem stable enough to rely on
    6. Poetry (or even Poetree) is not my bag at all!

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