• Earnback’s a botch

    Earnback’s a botch

    Earnback of service credits in technology service agreements is an absurd concept that should be rooted out of contracts

  • Beware the Low-Code IPR Iceberg

    Beware the Low-Code IPR Iceberg

    Low-code app development is very popular now, but you need to ensure the commercial benefits of your titanic new app do not founder on the low-code intellectual property rights iceberg

  • Category Error

    Category Error

    Whilst categories are a good organising principle for procurement, for technology, at least, it can lead to siloed thinking that misses bigger transformational opportunities…

  • Digital, Phygital, Fiddlesticks

    Digital, Phygital, Fiddlesticks

    Digital is a rather abused term that has been round the block a few times, and now we have “Phygital” which is a load of bull..

  • 30 Year Affair with Pen Computing

    30 Year Affair with Pen Computing

    I’ve had a 30-year affair with pen computing technology, although good handwriting recognition has always eluded me. And now another generation of device comes along to tempt me…