• Category Error

    Category Error

    Whilst categories are a good organising principle for procurement, for technology, at least, it can lead to siloed thinking that misses bigger transformational opportunities…

  • Digital, Phygital, Fiddlesticks

    Digital, Phygital, Fiddlesticks

    Digital is a rather abused term that has been round the block a few times, and now we have “Phygital” which is a load of bull..

  • 30 Year Affair with Pen Computing

    30 Year Affair with Pen Computing

    I’ve had a 30-year affair with pen computing technology, although good handwriting recognition has always eluded me. And now another generation of device comes along to tempt me…

  • SaaS deployment creates cloudy cost conundrum

    SaaS deployment creates cloudy cost conundrum

    Technology cost optimisation has never been easy, but now there are devils lurking in the decisions driven by SaaS deployments… Back in the day, the traditional layered structure was one of the organising principles for IT architecture, and was probably alright in the 90s… That manifested in an IT application and hosting infrastructure mirroring the …

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  • Non-linear what?

    Non-linear what?

    It is fashionable to concoct phrases to create neologisms to try and make other people think the neologisers are somehow just so much smarter. Sometimes the new terms created are actually meaningful and sometimes just Deepak Chopra-style nonsense B*S. Non-linearity is one of those sort of tag phrases that has been dragged kicking and screaming …

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