• When “Smart” is Stupid

    When “Smart” is Stupid

    As a technology descriptor, “Smart” waxes and wanes in the various cycles of hype and marketing overreach, but looking at “Smart Home”, some of the real life examples are pretty Stupid…[read on]

  • Hunting for Buried Treasure

    Hunting for Buried Treasure

    There’s hidden treasure in tracking and capturing business benefits from change but it is not always easy and often neglected

  • Earnback’s a botch

    Earnback’s a botch

    Earnback of service credits in technology service agreements is an absurd concept that should be rooted out of contracts

  • Beware the Low-Code IPR Iceberg

    Beware the Low-Code IPR Iceberg

    Low-code app development is very popular now, but you need to ensure the commercial benefits of your titanic new app do not founder on the low-code intellectual property rights iceberg

  • Category Error

    Category Error

    Whilst categories are a good organising principle for procurement, for technology, at least, it can lead to siloed thinking that misses bigger transformational opportunities…