Welcome to Sixhills

Sixhills helps clients to develop and improve the management and application of technology within their businesses: bridging the Business/Technology divide by deploying eclectic, hybridised commercial & technology skills and experience:
  • Strategy & Investment Decision Support. Developing business aligned IT strategy and holistic business architectures (people, process, technology) to support business objectives; business planning, financial analysis; investigation of options in support of business technology investment decisions; IT/Commercial due diligence and market/competitive analysis on M&A targets;
  • Customer Data Analysis & Revenue Enhancement. Application of technology (e.g., Analytics, Business Intelligence, data warehousing) to provide customer insights to support growth and development of markets and enhance business revenues
  • Business Agility & Transformation. Transformation of IT and business organisations to enable them to be more innovative and responsive to the market; to improve productivity of service and systems development; also leading/supporting transformation programmes
  • Performance Improvement & Cost Management. Helping clients use their technology to support the business more efficiently, and manage/reduce technology costs